Some thoughts on SUMMER SOLSTICE

OH OH OH. been perusing findme for motorcycles to burn around New Zealand on. My god, they do know how to keep their vintage machinery in clean operation. 70's Honda's and Suzuki's galore, mmmmmmmm.


a tribute to the AMC Eagle Kammback. someday i will find a navy blue one waaay lifted with wood panels, or else i will make the paneling myself! and i will take it out to play in the mud as often as possible!

folks, this is gonna be HUGE


Architecture nerd? Yes. Future home(s):

the door! the door!! and i really love the use of corrugated plastic. mine, all mine.

this house is so good, so damn good! this breaths life into a world of vinyl-sided cake box houses.

the melting of interior/exterior space.

sleeping on a screen porch in summer, so excellent. the mattress seems to be missing ...

There's soooo much more where that came from.
Miss Pettigrew lives for a day. I could've taken a screen shot every minute for the beautiful clothing. Ahh, the 20's.

cutest robin's egg blue hat

1920's lingerie ... sigh ...

yes, please

her dress is deep blue velvet with a deep V back held in place by a matched bow at the nape of her neck. :)